Consultancy, Audits & Trainings

Assyce and its staff has many years of experience in the preparation and execution of large scale PV projects all over the globe.

We offer our support starting from the pre-concept phase, project development, construction, commissioning, final acceptance, operation and maintenance, monitoring and optimization of existing PV plants.

Assyce Asia has invested in high class and specialized equipment and joins on a periodic basis professional trainings in order to offer the best possible service to its clients.

  • Pre-Concept Phase:
  •               Feasibility Studies.

                  Technical Due Diligence.

                  Production Simulations.

                  Project Site Evaluations.

                  Owner's Advisor (OA).

  • Project Development Phase:
  • Conceptual Design Preparations.

    Project Schedule Verifications.

    Cost Estimations.

    Supplier and Product Selections.

    Procurement Assessments.

    Warranty Verifications.

    Project Risk Management.

    Bidding Documentations (RFP’s)

    Contractor Evaluations, Scoring and Award Recommendations.

    Contract Negotiation Management.

    Owner's Advisor (OA).

  • Construction Phase:
  • Project Management.

    Design Approvals.

    Quality Inspections and Acceptance at Manufacturers.

    Inspections and QC prior to shippings.

    On Site Quality Assurance Procedures.

    Transport and Delivery Inspections.

    Participation in Project Meetings.

    Milestone Achievement Controls and Payment Approvals.

    Reporting of Project Development and Contractor’s Activities.

    Health and Security Assessments.

    Owner’s Engineer.

  • Commissioning Phase:
  • Preparation of the Commissioning Procedures.

    Supervisions of Commissioning of Equipment.

    Assistance Grid Synchronizations.

    Performance Test Procedures & Supervisions.

    Performance Verifications.

    Control Provisional Acceptance Certificates (PAC).

    Punch list Item Elaborations.

  • Hand-Over:
  • Control Final Acceptance Certificates (FAC).

    End of Warranty Inspections.

    Operation and Maintenance Phase.

    Preparation of Maintenance Program Plans.

    Predictive Maintenance Plan Assistance.

    Preventive Maintenance Plan Assistance.

    Corrective Maintenance Plan Assistance.

    Inspection Test Reports.

    Monitoring and Surveillance Assessments.

    Plant Performance Tests.

    System Losses Analysis.

    Supervision of Adjustment and Repair Works.

Plant Audits

Serving a sector that is constantly on the move, we offer Photovoltaic Power Plant Auditing Services to find out the true state of photovoltaic parks, to optimize them, and to improve their production and profitability.

We serve owners, financial entities, capital fund companies and enterprises embarking on a purchase and/or in installation maintenance competitions, offering a tool for objectively ascertaining the state of the plant. ASSYCE offers an integral operation and maintenance service adapted to each installation, with qualified staff and last-generation equipments.

These Services include:

Seminar and Workshops

Our multidisciplinary team is able to serve project developers, lenders, engineering and construction companies with a full range of services required throughout the life cycle of a solar power plant. These workshops are focused on:



With over 200 MW installed capacity mainly as EPC contractor, Assyce has gained an immense expertise in the Solar Power sector.

Facing all kind of different challenges, Assyce provided always the best solution to the projects and its clients.

A perfect design and planning of the construction process is one of the keys of a successful PV Solar project. The selection of optimum matching equipment to achieve the best performance level, therefore we offer our customers high-class and failsafe systems finding long-term solutions during and after the installation from the very beginning.

You want to produce clean energy from your own roof?

Assyce can support, develop, design projects and eventually build PV solar systems as well on residential as on commercial rooftops. Our engineers will find the best technical solution for your roof.

The different stages of an EPC project can be defined as:

  • Pre Site Project Studies: Soil and Flood Reports.
  • Land preparation and leveling for the start of the construction works.
  • Installation of the adequate substructure.
  • Installation of the module support structure.
  • Installation of the PV module panel on the structure.
  • Installation of the Harness Cable.
  • Installation of the electrical system.
  • Construction of Civil Works: Roads, Fence, Control buildings, Inverter & Transformer stations.
  • Surveillance and Monitoring Installations.
  • Commissioning and Check for Grid Connection.
  • Connection to Grid with Utility.


Operation & Maintenance Service is an essential element throughout the project lifecycle.

An optimal O&M service is the key to reduce costs and maximize the performance.

In the role as technical operator of solar installations we offer to our customers a complete, tailor-made service of high standard quality in the field of technical management and the monitoring of facilities and sites. We will do a complete analysis and evaluation of each site in order to determine the requirements for the O&M service. Assyce Asia enters into result driven contractual commitments, which guarantees a high level of availability of the PV plant and eventually will help the project to reduce full lifecycle costs and maximize performance output. Health and safety is a key part of any O&M service and at Assyce Asia we have established high standards.

Project Development

We develop Solar PV Power Projects for private investors, governments and related companies.

With more than 15 years of experience, 220 MW constructed and more than 10 solar parks in operation Assyce has shown their commitment and know-how in project development.

We can support in the project development as follows:

Feasibility Studies.
Technical Due Diligences.
Production Simulations.
Financial Models.
Project Site Evaluations.

    We constantly searching for new projects and potential construction sites.
  • You are a project developer, developing a project?

  • We are interested in your project, at whatever phase, we can acquire or co-develop with the project. We can assist with our respective strengths and expertise.
  • You want reduce your energy costs and produce clean energy?

  • Assyce can support you to realize your objectives, we can study the different options available to find the best solution for you.